I Won!

nano_08_winner_viking_100x100Once again, I have sucessully traversed the often tempestuous waters of November’s National Novel Writing Month. For a change, I wrote fiction (as opposed to memoir). For a change, I did pretty well health-wise until the last week. Then all went to hell in a handbasket, and by the last weekend, with only a few thousand words to go, I was nearly certain I would not make it.

But thanks to the support of an incredibly strong local Nano community and my non-Nanoing friends and family, I pulled out the stops and crossed the finish line early on the very last day.

The plot is coming out slowly, meaning that I’m overwriting every scene. But when I read a few sections to myself (and one out loud at the local Nano Wrap party last Wednesday – eek that was scary!), it didn’t seem so bad! And I’d rather have too much than too little. Much to edit. Much to add.

To read a synopsis and short excerpt, check out my Nanowrimo homepage, then click the Novel Info tab. You can also read or listen to a short Minnesota Public Radio story on Nano 2008 (in which I am quoted and pictured, along with several of my Nano buddies… I’m the one on the right in the “Global Market Writers” photo).

For more information about Nanwrimo, see November is National Novel Writing Month.

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