Trust, or Lack Thereof

My LLMD and I think I have an stomach ulcer. I’ve stopped Lyme treatment for the next month to let my stomach heal. I was on antibiotics for ten days – hope it was long enough to take out the H. Pylori, which is the cause of most ulcers.

Isn’t it amazing how just a few short years ago, doctors were certain that ulcers were caused by stress and poor diet? Now everybody knows it’s a bacteria, not something the patient did.

The scientists who discovered this were originally literally laughed out of medical conferences where they tried to present their findings. It took decades for the Medical Establishment to accept the change in spite of hard scientific evidence.

By the way, the guys who figured this out won the Nobel Price this past October. The 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

My H. Pylori didn’t show up in the generic test I was given two years ago. This past February, my LLMD ran a three part test that showed I have a rare type of H. Pylori. Basically, I suffered severe stomach distress for two years because someone didn’t think to run a more effective test.

This information leads me to two disturbing questions:

  • Which medical theories being used on me today will be considered laughable (or tragic) in a few years?
  • How many people needlessly suffer because their doctors do not know about (or are not willing to use) more sensitive lab tests?
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