I am sure that the clinical tech who showed Jay how to give me the IM Bicillin shot yesterday is a fine person. She has a lovely personality, and was cute as the dickens. And I’m sure her skills with needles are renowned and considerable.

But when I asked her about numbing the area first, she said, “Yeah, some people like to use ice sometimes.” She kept her eyes on the pre-filled syringe I brought from the pharmacy as she took it out of it’s box.

What about aspirating with the needle, I asked, to make sure we’re not shooting it into a blood vessel (important step, I’ve read)? She breezed, “Oh, no. Not for this.”

Well, what about injecting the medicine slowly, like over five full minutes as my doctor suggested, so that it causes me less pain? What about lying down to relax the muscle. “Oh well, you can rub it afterwards. It’s just a little sting. Okay,” she said, turning to Jay. “You’re going to need gauze and a bandaid.”

The rest runs together. I remember a vague discussion about how Jay needed to divide each bun into quadrants. I felt like a side of beef. Their discussion was punctuated (sorry) by a really sharp stabbing pain in my left buttock. I yelled, but tried not to jump, figuring that could make things seriously worse. I stood still as our tech continued talking to Jay. Deep, throbbing pain occupied my brain fairly completely as she shot the medication into me like a jackhammer.

I didn’t faint. In fact, after I stopped yelling, I tried to act nonchalent, pulling up my drawers and trying to chime in insightfully that why, yes, we did have a sharps container. Disposing of needles is no problem.

Already I could barely walk, and it’s been like that since then. Heat has helped sitting and moving around has helped. But my upper left bun is like a huge bruise that kills when I move it.

And I’m completely fatigued. Way more than usual. I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon, barely noticed when Jay came home.

Bottom line (no pun intended), I will survive. No side effects. No allergic reaction. I’m going to have trouble walking, sitting, standing, etc. for a while (I have to get another shot every week, then twice a week at some point). But I think I’ll survive.

And perhaps Jay will be wiling to try some of the techniques I suggested to the tech today. I’d better start being nicer to him

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