I Love This

Made me feel happy.

“5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale.

A Holiday Miracle!

The conservative newspaper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, has posted a great video about the holiday drag show at one of my favorite gay bars in the Twin Cities. Jingle Bells for everyone!

1/7/08 Note: I finally figured out how to link directly to this video – please let me know if it breaks or doesn’t work. Thanks!

The Life of Reilly

Despite the bleak picture of my life I write here, I do get out once in a while. Last Saturday, for instance, Jay and I went to see “The Life of Reilly,” the incredible documentary of Charles Nelson Reilly’s one-man show.

It is brilliant. Worth every award it wins. Well written, amazingly filmed, beautifully performed by a brilliant actor.

Check out the very fun website for clips and show times. Support independent film!

PS: Charles died on May 25, 2007 at age 76. He was survived by partner of 27 years, Patrick Hughes. Read his NY Times obituary here.


Oh sure, I could spend an entire post telling you how my first experience with antibiotics went, how the Herxes plastered me to the couch with the most extreme fatigue I’ve ever felt, along with a scattering of sharp, needling pains all over my body and other assorted new symptoms. Or how I had to stop temporarily because my LLMD is worried about me having a stomach ulcer.

But I’d rather just post this link about an amazing whale rescue last December, in which the 50 ton, female Humpback whale thanked her rescuers by nuzzling them, one by one, before she swam off.

Ain’t the world full of marvels? Enjoy!

Whale Thanks Rescuers

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