Noah’s Blog

My nephew has started a blog. He works hard to write each paragraph, which has inspired me to think about what I am doing here in my blog. So, like my nephew said in his most recent post, I will try my best to write here more often. Thank you Noah.

Missing Mom

Man, how many times per year can they make an official day for me to miss my mother? She died of lung cancer in 2001, but it seems like just yesterday. As it turns out, I miss her every day. But holidays are especially difficult, particularly Mother’s Day. I feel robbed.

Wherever you are, Mom, thanks for everything. Loving you still.

Mazal Tov!

In all the darkness of our lives, a light: New nephew Michael born to my brother and sister-in-law, much wanted and loved. Welcome, beautiful boy! Photos to come, I’m sure!

Love Request

One of my sisters, the one who lives close and has been helping me physically and emotionally through a rough time, got awful news this morning.

One of her dearest friends lost a daughter and grandson in a terrible car crash last night.

If you read this, would you please take a moment from your busy day to hold everyone grieving this loss in love and light?

Such a small thing can make an enormous difference. Thank you.


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