Saint Rat – Silly Silk

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SOLD – Original Saint Rat batik on silk. First piece sold during the Fall 2011 Art Crawl!

St. Paul Rally Report

Side One

Side one of my sign...

Well, I can tell you that 24 degrees windchill in the shadow of the State Capital are NOT ideal conditions for any kind of rally. Still, when I got there (a little late), they had been  going for over half an hour. There were easily 100 people cheering and clapping for the speakers.

The cold was just too much for some of the little kids. Many parents were leaving when I got there. I wish had taken some photos of the sweet families who braved the cold, clearly representing the fun, colorful, wide variety of family life in our nation. There were upbeat messages, cheerful chanting — all of it blessedly short.

I learned a little more about the Minnesota Marriage Equality bill that was introduced earlier this year. I look forward to helping to lobby if I can (since I live right across the street from the State House).

Side two of my sign for the rally.

Side two of my sign.

Although I don’t have photos, I have included the signs I made. I admit freely that I lifted the image and language from other people’s ideas on the web. I got lots of comments though, and one person asked to take a photo of me the purple one! All in all, a success, if a chilly one.

Here’s to a future of full equality for everyone. Yes we can!

Money for Bunnies!

There’s just about a month left in this contest to raise money for shelters. It costs you nothing to vote and takes only a few seconds per day. Go to the Animal Rescue Site Challenge page and type in your favorite shelter.

Better yet, type in my favorite:

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, Edina MN

(click here FMI on this wonderful organization).

Animal Rescue Challenge page

Animal Rescue Challenge page

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