Goodbye, Uncle Ted

Update: My dear, beloved Uncle Ted Larson died suddenly in February, a few weeks after the entry below was written. I haven’t had the heart to update this post about his loss because, although we weren’t close, I miss him. He was a good guy in my life, and you don’t get too many of those, really. His memorial service was beautiful, attended by many friends and family who remembered him well, including his impish sense of humor and stubborn personality. He is dearly missed.

1/18.09: While you’re sending loving thoughts to my sister, would you please add my Uncle Ted? He fell badly a while back, which made him require multiple surgeries on several vertebrae.

Ted landed back in ICU yesterday with a collapsed lung. DNR papers were signed. But you never know with my amazing Uncle – he is a fighter.

If you have a moment, please add Ted to your prayer chains and lists and thoughts. And the rest of his family as well, who have been caring for and loving him up during this challenging time.

Love is a verb, an action. Here’s yet another chance to put your ability to Love into practice.

Thank you so very much.

— Serena

Love Request

One of my sisters, the one who lives close and has been helping me physically and emotionally through a rough time, got awful news this morning.

One of her dearest friends lost a daughter and grandson in a terrible car crash last night.

If you read this, would you please take a moment from your busy day to hold everyone grieving this loss in love and light?

Such a small thing can make an enormous difference. Thank you.


The Dark Time

I don’t think it happens every year, but ’round  about the time the sun is the most gone from our skies, my life often takes a turn for the worse. It’s not my emotions from lack of light, but difficult things that seed timed to occur right NOW.

So, be warned that this is a dark time for me.

If you don’t already know, I have separated from my husband due to truley irreconcilable differences — this in spite of both of us trying very hard to make things work. Even though I instigated it, I didn’t see it coming until a week or two before it happened.

So both our live are full of change and loss ad grief and sadness. And I’m needing to move my stuff and deal with the legal system and financial issues while my symptoms are flaring… challenging timing all around.

At leatst I have a sister who is amazing, helping me nearly every day. And friends who help and listen and provide their experience and ideas for survival. In spite of all the difficulty, I do come up from the pit of despair from time to time to notice a moment of amazing gratitude.

And now and then, I get a glimpse of the warming Sun, creeping closer every so slowly, day by day by day. Even on days like today when the wind chill is twenty-eight below. Some part of me knows it won’t last forever.

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