For Marriage Equality

My sister – often much more eloquent than I am – has created a beautiful post about the defeat of Prop 8 in California.

This affects our entire family in that she and her partner were the second gay couple to marry in San Francisco when marriage to them became available in 2004. We are lucky in that our entire family celebrated then, and in a family wedding in Minnesota the following year.

So now, our entire family grieves for the passage of this discriminatory law. Not just for my sister and her wife, but for all GBTL people who are denied the right and responsibility of creating a legal family together, anywhere.

Having lived both ends of this issue, I can tell you being able to legally marry makes a very real difference.

Read my sister’s post here.

Love you, sweetie.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you, sweetie!

  2. You’re welcome, of course. But as with many things, it’s about me as much as it’s about you. Thank god you are such an optimist! It buoys me in my cynicism. Truly.

  3. but isn’t traditional marriage the ultimate expression of equality? especially for our society?

    it takes one woman and one man.

    regardless of how you feel, please do not refer to others on the other side as bigots. it only shows a resistance to real discussion over this topic. marriage has complicated implications for society– people just want caution,

  4. Less than 50 to 100 years ago, a “traditional marriage” consisted of a man and women — ONLY if they were the same race. And religion. Would you say those beliefs (and laws in some places) are still correct? Would you say people who used to believe (or still believe) them are bigoted?

    In 50 years, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be as embarrassed about your comment above as you (hopefully) are about our forebear’s insistence that Black people should be slaves. Not vote. Or marry white people. Etc.

    This is not rocket science. It is not complicated. Love is love. When you insist on the “one man one woman” form of marriage is the ONLY acceptable form, you publicly display your bigotry. Sorry, hon, there’s no way around it.

    The first steps toward a fascist government are when that government prevents citizens from participating in the rights (like marriage) and responsibilities (like serving in the military) of society because they are different from those in power.

    If you don’t want to marry someone of the same sex, don’t. It becomes bigotry (and a vote for fascism) when you force your beliefs about limiting marriage on other citizens of this supposedly “free” Country.

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