Rodman Black and Don Moses Are Gone

I got a call yesterday that the father of my best friend in New Hampshire died last Monday. Rodman Black. The lead paragraph in his obituary states he died at home bringing in firewood. I learned he died the way he probably would have wanted to go – instantly from a heart attack, and with his boots on.

Today I found out that my father’s best friend, Don Moses, died after being diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks ago. Don was amazing. Inventor, survivor for many years of serious heart disease, and finally saved over a decade ago (I think) with one of those miraculous heart transplants you sometimes read about. I believe it was is daughter who wrote on Don’s CaringBridge site this afternoon:

I believe dad knew this was happening.

When dad awoke from a short nap, he asked me if he could follow that other path; he said others wanted him to go that way. He couldn’t figure out why he felt no pain; he was shocked by what he wasn’t feeling. He wanted to call Eileen to tell her how much he loved her then he turned to all of us and made sure he said he loved each of us as he pointed our way.

I will miss them both, mostly on behalf of my friend and my father, and their families.

Blessings to Rod and Don on their journeys.

St. Paul Rally Report

Side One

Side one of my sign...

Well, I can tell you that 24 degrees windchill in the shadow of the State Capital are NOT ideal conditions for any kind of rally. Still, when I got there (a little late), they had been  going for over half an hour. There were easily 100 people cheering and clapping for the speakers.

The cold was just too much for some of the little kids. Many parents were leaving when I got there. I wish had taken some photos of the sweet families who braved the cold, clearly representing the fun, colorful, wide variety of family life in our nation. There were upbeat messages, cheerful chanting — all of it blessedly short.

I learned a little more about the Minnesota Marriage Equality bill that was introduced earlier this year. I look forward to helping to lobby if I can (since I live right across the street from the State House).

Side two of my sign for the rally.

Side two of my sign.

Although I don’t have photos, I have included the signs I made. I admit freely that I lifted the image and language from other people’s ideas on the web. I got lots of comments though, and one person asked to take a photo of me the purple one! All in all, a success, if a chilly one.

Here’s to a future of full equality for everyone. Yes we can!

No on Prop 8 Rallies Nov 15

Be there or be square! Support freedom, love, and equality.

Find out your local information here.

Sometimes, just showing up is the best action you can take.

For Marriage Equality

My sister – often much more eloquent than I am – has created a beautiful post about the defeat of Prop 8 in California.

This affects our entire family in that she and her partner were the second gay couple to marry in San Francisco when marriage to them became available in 2004. We are lucky in that our entire family celebrated then, and in a family wedding in Minnesota the following year.

So now, our entire family grieves for the passage of this discriminatory law. Not just for my sister and her wife, but for all GBTL people who are denied the right and responsibility of creating a legal family together, anywhere.

Having lived both ends of this issue, I can tell you being able to legally marry makes a very real difference.

Read my sister’s post here.

Love you, sweetie.

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