Fundraising for Good: Nanowrimo

This fall, I’ve decided to ask you to help raise money for the folks who bring us Nanowrimo: The Office of Letters and Light. A profoundly creative organization whose motto is:

We believe in ambitious acts of the imagination.

Go to my donation site to learn more. And remember, it’s good to be generous, even in small amounts.

It’s simple, painless, and adds enormous amounts to your good karma.

Thanks for considering it.

XO – Serena

November is National Novel Writing Month

This will be my fourth year participating in Nanowrimo. That means I will be trying to write a book, 50,000 words worth, during the month of November. It’s not as crazy as it seems. It amounts to just under 1700 words per day, which I can do in less than an hour (because I’m not editing, see, that’s one of the points!).

So, even though my body is a mess and I’m battling with Quicken files, I will do it. And this year I’m even going to try actual fiction (usually I add 50K words to my memoir materials).

It’s a great way to make new friends (there is a wonderful set of message boards), get out (you can attend “write-ins” at local coffee shops all over the world), and get a really rough first draft spit out of your imagination.

Join me if you like – look me up under Serena Mira Asta. It’s a crazy hoot, it’s free (although donations keep the organization doing good deeds like funding libraries in Cambodia, running a Young Writers Program, etc.)

Check it out at

Money for Bunnies!

There’s just about a month left in this contest to raise money for shelters. It costs you nothing to vote and takes only a few seconds per day. Go to the Animal Rescue Site Challenge page and type in your favorite shelter.

Better yet, type in my favorite:

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, Edina MN

(click here FMI on this wonderful organization).

Animal Rescue Challenge page

Animal Rescue Challenge page

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